Natsuki Crisis Battle Game Sample - SFC (Japanese)


Natsuki Crisis Battle Game Sample - SFC (Japanese)

Original Air Date: June 15th, 2009 Natsuki Crisis Battle is an obscure Super Famicom (Japanese SNES) fighting game based off of an obscure manga and anime (simply called Natsuki Crisis). The manga and OVA centers around an aspiring martial artist, Natsuki Kisumi, her transfer student friend and rival Takaoka Rina, and the confrontations the two face from other fighters and shady figures connected to Rina's past. This game attempts to follow the order of the manga and OVAs (particularly the OVAs), but doesn't do a great job at it. The effort is there, but the execution could certainly have been better. Due to the play mechanics and somewhat sparse details for a game of its time, I can't say it's much more than average. Natsuki Crisis Battle is your standard one-on-one fighting game with fairly typical modes, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to explain them. In Story mode, you play only as Natsuki, and she fights people progressively as she might have in the show. Naturally, in the beginning, Natsuki can't fight with all her power in Story mode and fights in her school outfit until later donning her martial arts wear. The story segments are kinda rushed but offer just enough to show that they are based off of events from the manga/anime (such as Kandori hurting Rina and Natsuki and Kandori fighting in the rain). Vs Battle is just as it sounds. You can fight against the computer or a human. This mode is good for learning the tactics of the computer, which you'll need a little ...
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